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WeAreAllEssential (WAAE) rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with across Canada

Not only have we supported more small businesses than any other coalition to open up fully and stay open, WAAE has been integral to two of the foremost legal actions currently underway.

Adamson’s Barbecue, one of WAAE’s founding members is positioned to challenge The Reopening Ontario Act like none other, thanks in part to Founder Vladislav Sobolev, who connected Adam Skelly with Chris Weisdorf, currently assisting Skelly’s legal team with game-changing evidence and experts.

On the west coast, WeAreAllEssential has been actively supporting BC’s proposed constitutional class action put forth by The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy. Sobolev was responsible for making some integral connections in its early stages and also played a key role in spearheading a cease and desist letter presented to health authorities, law enforcement, and policymakers. This letter has put critical pressure on all those that might perpetuate these unjustified measures to stand down.

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