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Notices of Liabillity

Colin Mitchell Hewison, Jamie Russo & Charlie Loudman

Legal documents to help prevent mandated/forced medical procedures within our communities.

A list of different applications where this document can be used:

Places of Employment
Public School Establishments
Business Establishments
Public Servant Accountability

A few examples of medical procedures that you can refuse using this document:

DNA & RNA Testing
Medical Masks
Quarantine/Lockdown/Stay-At-Home Order

This document has been personally put together to outline the legal basis of informed consent, also outlining strong legal basis that lays out our democracy here in Canada.

It is the responsibility of each individual which medical procedures they take part in. Medical procedures shall not be forced onto our public.

Stop Segregation
Stop Economical Collapse
Stop The Child Abuse
Stand Together United

Keep an eye on us while we show you videos of this document in action (below).

Those who support medical tyranny are about to get a real eye-opener, let’s start making waves together and put an end to this madness.

Show Your Appreciation, Help Fund Further Legal Actions:

Word Document Original Copy of Notice of Liability:

Break Down Walk-Through Video of NoL:


This post is to help regain our individual rights, I am not a legal expert, however I do believe many will find this document interesting and it may be quite useful with the new “Show Me Your Papers” policy.

Share this information far and wide to get as many people involved as possible!

Thank you!


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