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Complimentary information supplied by Stand Up Canada on their Canada-wide Declarations of Emergency page about the unlawful declarations of emergency in all provinces and territories in Canada.

We understand that they update their page on a monthly basis, so the statistics noted below may not always coincide. We are collaborating our efforts, so that we can let business owners know about the unlawful declaration of emergency which has had a catastrophic effect on small business, everywhere in Canada!

Unlawful State of Emergency


Did you know that in order to make a Declaration of Emergency in any province or
territory in Canada, that certain “conditions” must be met first?

None of the Canadian provinces and territories met any of the “conditions” to make a
Declaration of Emergency.  Further, they based their declarations on a predictive 
model from the UK that was outrageously over predicting the number of deaths in

Understanding your fundamental rights And freedoms in a world filled with fear

Never before seen in our history. 

In mid March 2020, each Canadian province and territory declared their respective Declarations of Emergency one right after another. Beginning on March 14 until March 27, 2020.

Within 14 days, the entire country was locked down.

excessive, unreasonable, unjustified.

On March 17, 2020 when the province of Ontario, for example, made its declaration of emergency, there was only 1 COVID-19 “related” death in Ontario, and 2 in all of Canada.

The first COVID-19 “related” death was reported in British Columbia on March 9, 2020. A man in his 80’s with reported underlying health conditions (CBC).

Ontario’s first COVID-19 “related” death occurred on March 11, 2020, a 77 year old man (Global News)

Canada’s population is nearly 38,000,000.

With further and continual extensions to the Declarations of Emergency by all provinces and territories, it is now proven to be a sheer abuse of authority. The states of emergencies do not exist and never existed. 

Remember – All COVID measures STARTED as a result of these declarations of
Therefore, all COVID measures will END once these emergency orders are

Fast forward to November 30, 2020

There are 12,063 COVID-19 “related” deaths in Canada and considering our unchanged population of nearly 38,000,000, this equates to 0.031% of the population who have died.

How are COVID-19 deaths classified?

Anyone who died from a primary cause of death, like heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, suicide, cancer – their death record was changed to COVID-19 if they had tested positive or showed symptoms.

Does that seem ethical to you?

are 2020 death rates abnormal?

The latest data on Statistics Canada is only for 2018 which reported that 8,511 people died from influenza and pneumonia (respiratory disease/the flu).

This number goes up on average about 1,200 deaths/year based on their previous years’ records. Based on this average, 10,911 souls would be estimated to pass away from influenza in 2020. The data does not lie.

We are in a typical flu season. And with the unethical classification of
COVID-19 deaths, the actual death toll number is much lower.

Fast forward to April 1, 2021

the government is claiming there were *23,002 COVID-19 related deaths in Canada and considering our unchanged population of nearly 38,000,000, this would represent 0.06% of the population who have died Wait a second! There is a fundamental problem with the death toll.

*Important distinction – the provincial and federal government appear to be continually counting COVID-19 related deaths by combining two flu seasons and combining two years; this is incorrect for the following reasons:

  • the government’s tally on COVID-19 related deaths should have reset at zero on January 1, 2021
  • by not resetting their counter is not only misleading, but this gives the false perception there are more deaths than are truly being accounted for by year
  • why is this important to know?
  • because you need to compare apples to apples in order to make a determination of significance
    you simply cannot keep the death toll running; there needs to be a fundamental cut off date so that you can measure its affects; to not have one is misleading
  • Statistics Canada has confirmed that they record their statistics on an annual basis, from January 1 to December 31
    As Statistics Canada is the sole source of approved statistical reporting in Canada, Stand Up Canada will provide same statistical reporting by year; to do so otherwise, would be misleading

The latest data on Statistics Canada is only for 2019 which reported that 6,893 people died from influenza and pneumonia (respiratory disease/the flu). The 2018 statistics were higher, reporting that 8,511 people died from same cause of death.

Why is the death count for the flu going down when it went up on average each year by around 1,200?

Could it be due to the unethical classifications of death?

Our answer is simply, YES!

Thank you!


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