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Hi there, my name is Maria, my goals and vision has been to provide products that our ancestors would make or would have, products that are as natural as it can possibly be, without the chemicals and synthetics.. Yet works!


I safely handmake gentle, vegan skincare such as cold-pressed soap bars(no micas), body cream, body scrubs and face oils. They are all very gentle that even babies can tolerate them. My sun has had eczema since 3 months old and have been applying most of my products on him since.


Aside from my natural skincare line, I also provide herbal tooth powders, coconut oil dish soap bars, palo santo sticks safely handled, soursop leaves, gluten-free tinctures, organic irish moss, sea moss, bladderwrack, bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and much more!


There is an option for customized orders. Feel free to contact me for any questions, about anything, its my pleasure to help and innerstand the true importance of health.


Stay healthy, stay blissed.


Thank you!


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